`Better than Human' Hall Of Fame

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The circuits on this page have more stringent self-checking requirements than those found in the Old `Better than Human' Hall Of Fame. These requirements are the following:

All circuits listed below are Totally Self-Checking Networks with respect to single stuck-at faults at gate outputs. Errors are signalled by two-rail output Z_0, Z_1. During normal operation Z_0≠Z_1 and when signalling a fault Z_0=Z_1. So all these circuits fulfill the following properties:

Sequential circuits listed here are also Totally Self-Checking under the definitions:

Hand designed equivalents are mentioned for overhead comparison. They use duplication with inverted outputs at the same cost as duplication. They also use the required amount of two-rail checkers to collate error signals to a single two-rail output, each checker composed of 6 gates.

Some circuits have been evolved so that evolution was not allowed to alter the original synthesised benchmark circuit, it was only allowed to add logic around it. These circuits will be referred to as `Locked'.

Some circuits meet the Totally Self-Checking Goal - ie. circuit output will not be incorrect before an error is signalled - under multiple faults without the assumption that all input vectors are provided between fault arrivals. These circuits will be referred to as Absolutely Fault Secure and use Oscillation to signal errors.

Benchmark Name (click for diagram) Discovered Overhead Eval Effort Σ Evals Σ Effort Comments
Two bit Multiplier (7 gates)[Hand Designed] 25    
Two bit Multiplier (7 gates)BabbageAug 20038100Adapted from Babbage ni old Hall of Fame. 
C17 (6 gates)[Hand Designed] 12    
C17 (6 gates)OdoMay 201873,872697,048,789,6062,698,972,913,354,432 
CM138A (16 gates)[Hand Designed] 58    
CM138A (16 gates)ImotephAug 20039000Adapted from Imoteph in old Hall of Fame. 
B1 (6 gates)[Hand Designed] 23    
B1 (6 gates)HenmaniacAug 20033000Adapted from HENMANIAC in old Hall of Fame. 
CM42A (18 gates)[Hand Designed] 72    
CM42A (18 gates)LucyMay 2018813,45640,693,085,856547,566,163,278,336 
Locked CM42A (18 gates)[Hand Designed] 72    
Locked CM42A (18 gates)The Blue OneFeb 200412100Adapted from The Blue One in old Hall of Fame. 
Decod (26 gates)[Hand Designed] 116    
Decod (26 gates)bwhite2Aug 200316000Adapted from bwhite2 in old Hall of Fame. 
Locked Decod (26 gates)[Hand Designed] 116    
Locked Decod (26 gates)Skratz 3dAug 200320000Adapted from Skratz 3d. in old Hall of Fame. 
Locked CM138A (16 gates)[Hand Designed] 58    
Locked CM138A (16 gates)BembelAug 200310000Adapted from Bembel in old Hall of Fame. 
CM82A (14 gates)[Hand Designed] 22    
CM82A (14 gates)MerckxJul 20185138,7202,859,619,968396,686,481,960,960 
DC1 (29 gates)[Hand Designed] 65    
DC1 (29 gates)Kitten ISep 200412119,558,232,05319,558,232,053 
RD53 (23 gates)[Hand Designed] 35    
RD53 (23 gates)BestiaPopSep 200402801,005,8381,602,011,676Optimised functional circuit beyond Sis. OH=-1. 
WIM (25 gates)[Hand Designed] 58    
WIM (25 gates)WimpySep 2004819,342,935,1559,342,935,155 
DC1 (29 gates)[Hand Designed] 65    
DC1 (29 gates)Bart ISep 200417119,558,232,05319,558,232,053 
B1 (6 gates) Locked[Hand Designed] 23    
B1 (6 gates) LockedCameron ISep 200430435,029,3860 
C17 (6 gates) Locked[Hand Designed] 12    
C17 (6 gates) LockedElizabeth IINov 2004901,691,972,0330 
RD73 (49 gates)[Hand Designed] 61    
RD73 (49 gates)StudyNov 2004039,492,500,26628,477,500,798 
CM82A (14 gates) Locked[Hand Designed] 22    
CM82A (14 gates) LockedBoothmonstaNov 2004911,465,900,3791,465,900,379 
M1 (64 gates) Bigger genotype[Hand Designed] 130    
M1 (64 gates) Bigger genotypeG5May 201852577,6001,664,980,570,820961,692,777,705,632,000 
Misex1 (47 gates)[Hand Designed] 83    
Misex1 (47 gates)GenepiJun 2018691,290,4962,835,882,285,7853,659,694,746,276,399,104