Download your island client

Client Ownership

Please avoid installing islands on machine's which you do not own, or on which you have not been granted permission to do so.

System Requirements

Setting up your island step by step

  1. Java version 1.5 or above is required for the DHEP client. You can download it from here. If you have a 32-bit machine you will need to install the JDK
  2. Now follow the instructions relevant to your Operating System below to install your island. Remember when you choose a name for your island use no spaces nor quotes such as ' nor ".
  3. Once you've installed Java and your island check the Frequently Asked Questions section for help on such things as proxy, intermittent connection support, how to join a team, and how to install on multiple PCs.
  4. Then check up on the statistics showing how everyone's islands are faring, how the global best solutions is improving and a list of circuits found that are better than those conventionally designed. You will be contacted by email if your island submits such a circuit so you can give it a name of your liking.

Choose your Operating System:


Automatic Installation as Service (Recommended)

Download Install program and run it.

Windows might warn you that you are about to run software from an unknown publisher. Just click "Run".If you'd like to know why our installer isn't code signed read this.

This will run an island on each processor core. If you'd like to tune how many are used read this.

Manual Installation with GUI (not Service)

  1. Download Java executable Jar file and Java policy file into some directory. Make sure the latter is saved as java.policy and not java.policy.txt.
  2. Download this batch file and change INSTALL_DIR to where you downloaded these files and YOUR_NAME and YOUR@EMAIL to your own.
  3. You now launch your island by running this batch file. Don't forget to put it file in the Start->Programs->Startup folder so it runs every time.

Linux / Unix / Mac OS

Download Java executable Jar file and Java policy file into some directory. Download bash script and make it executable with chmod +x Now edit it replacing YOUR_ISLAND_NAME (using no spaces) with your name or your island's name and YOUR@EMAIL with your email address so we can contact you. Now you can just run this with ./ & or add it to your Linux/Unix/Mac startup script.

Setting up on Mac to always run

Download daemon script and a daemon plist descriptor for each core (2, 3, 4 and so on) and edit the path to your script within each as well as the island name. Then you'll need to:
chmod a+x
sudo chown root:wheel ga.dhep.?.plist
sudo chmod o-w ga.dhep.?.plist
sudo cp ga.dhep.?.plist /Library/LaunchDaemons
and Bob's your uncle it'll start automatically when you next reboot.

Email Address

Your email address will be kept in strict confidentiality and mass-mailing will be kept to the minimum.

Thank You!

If you have any problems please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section or email us at