What is Distributed Hardware Evolution Project?

DHEP allows you to host an island running a Genetic Algorithm in a coevolutionary setting synthesising future super-reliable electronics such as those used in autonomous vehicles, power stations, medical equipment, aerospace. These are of increasingly paramount importance as more and more human lives rely on well functioning hardware.

Observation of population dynamics will also help us understand Evolution, not only to harness it to reach 'better than human' designs, but also to learn how migration rates, genetic diversity and the inner mechanisms of genetic recombination have concerted to reach the biodiversity and wonder of living organisms today.

DHEP is based at the University of Sussex.

Find out more at www.dhep.ga and see our fine grained statistics to check the progress of the current run, the state of all the islands, the circuit diagrams of the best solutions, various rankings for each island, and even trace genetic strains and genealogy within the whole grid.

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Back online!
The Sussex users website is now back online so clients are resuming connections as normal.

This should be a rare event on such a large institutional website, once in a lifetime hopefully!.
9 Aug 2018, 12:50:39 UTC · Discuss

Sussex Users Website Down

The University users webserver (used by DHEP for serving class files) is currently down. (users.sussex.ac.uk)

We are looking into alternatives but hopefully all should be back to normal soon.

Kind regards,
9 Aug 2018, 0:27:29 UTC · Discuss

DHEP Badge Design Competition!
Badges will be awarded to those making exceptional contributions to our project.

Calling all talented designers to design the badges that will be handed out at DHE! The winner will be announced here, have a special contribution badge (of their own design!), and be acknowledged here: https://dhep.ga/ack.php as well as your work being visible and admired by everyone in the community!

We are looking for badges to be attractive, eye-catching, and would be great if they represent in some way the project and activity being rewarded. There will be badges for participating in alpha & beta periods, for credit levels, going above and beyond to help the project in special ways, for islands originating certain numbers of 'best of all island' solutions, and many more...

All designs welcome at M.Garvie@sussex.ac.uk until August 20th!

PS: For ideas from other projects' badges: https://signature.statseb.fr/index.py?cpid=13a87c3a303bcdca4ba0ed600daebb6b and https://signature.statseb.fr/index.py?cpid=9131861bc46b433f8a6716db0501dec6
1 Aug 2018, 0:21:49 UTC · Discuss

BOINC Platform Issue
There has been an issue with the BOINC Manager spawning the 32-bit client on 64-bit boxes.

Perhaps someone will be able to explain why there is wisdom behind this. And someone has. Apparently "Boinc will try both 32 and 64 bit versions on a 64 bit host unless the tag is set in cc_config.xml, it does this to find which is fastest."

The 32-bit client is A LOT slower and will explain why anyone might have been receiving a lower credit rate recently.

A quick check to see whether BOINC is running the correct app version is to look at your Task Manager. There should be no java.exe *32 processes:

(In this case BOINC is running one task with the 64-bit app and two with the 32-bit app)

You can also check the app version on any results you're crunching of course.

A quick check of the database revealed about a third of all Windows tasks being crunched are being done so with the 32-bit app which seems way too high in my mind.

We have found the solution to this but have temporarily deprecated the 32-bit app until we've implemented it.

Aborting your tasks and updating the project should resolve the issue. If not a full reset or remove/add.

PS: If you'd like to continue crunching with a 32-bit box in the time being you can also use the standalone client: https://dhep.ga/download.php
29 Jul 2018, 11:53:30 UTC · Discuss

DHEP@BOINC is Officially Live in Production State
We are happy to announce we are live and open to crunchers.

If you are new please read the following before starting: http://www.dhep.ga/boinc/forum_thread.php?id=31 as DHEP works slightly differently to other BOINC projects but we hope you find it rewarding scientifically and in other ways.
26 Jul 2018, 12:59:29 UTC · Discuss

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